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F#!k Thursday

I throwback when I want. The fugees rip the stage at the Apollo in 1996. Performances this open and wide ranging culturally are so hard to come by nowadays. Remembering the days when the hip-hop community resisted being stereotyped.

Permutations - An SD Arrangement

Keeping with our unique approach to the remix aesthetic and what we like to call “grown folks music”, SD Arrangements are original beats and remixes produced exclusively by The Sonic Drifter. 3hreePeaceWing remixes Jeremy Steig’s composition, Permutations.

#Wallstreet #downtown #nyc #architecture #lookup #perspective #thesonicdrifter
#Wallstreet #downtown #nyc #architecture #lookup #perspective #thesonicdrifter

#Wallstreet #downtown #nyc #architecture #lookup #perspective #thesonicdrifter

Yuh Dun Nuh

Uno cyan sleep pon dis one. A special blend from our selecta, Niki Nel will ‘ave yuh missin’ di islands. Roll one & ‘njoy di tunes.


1 - Miss Louise Bennett Intro
2 - All I Can Say, Love Joys
3 - Dubbing My Way, King Tubby
4 - Jah Jah, U-Roy
5 - Dreamland, Bob Marley
6 - Superstar (Part 1), K-OS
7 - Ain’t No Stopping Sista Nancy, Sista Nancy
8 - Mad Max Interlude, Oliver Samuels
9 - Crime Don’t Pay, Prince Jazzbo
10 - Chalice In The Palace, U-Roy
11 - Uptown Ranking, Althea & Donna
12 - Horsemouth Speech Interlude (SD)
13 - Hey Jah Children, Aswad (SD)
14 - No No No, Dawn Penn
15 - Ping Ping Restaurant Interlude, Oliver Samuels
16 - Put On Your Best Dress, Eric “Monty” Morris
17 - Lucky Man, Courtney John
18 - Miss Louise Bennett Outro

I just bought this vinyl over the weekend

And can’t stop playing it. Touted as the first british hip-hop song, its definitely way ahead of its time. Banger.

Random Photo Shoot in Upsate NY. Photos by thesonicdrifter.


Of course in this case its “JIT”. But I’m from Chicago so… Nonetheless, Jaded Incorporated bring that midwest alive. Big up freereeves

#Patchwork #nyc #collage #thesonicdrifter
#Patchwork #nyc #collage #thesonicdrifter

#Patchwork #nyc #collage #thesonicdrifter

The Word ‘Apt’ Doesn’t Begin to Describe

What D’Angelo accomplishes by playing this Bob Marley cover before a packed crowd at the Afropunk Festival this past weekend. Big up.

The DIY layering and pastels are dope. Pieces by Alex Mullins. 

A closing dinner held at the Kara Walker exhibit. Wow.
A closing dinner held at the Kara Walker exhibit. Wow.

A closing dinner held at the Kara Walker exhibit. Wow.

Another Sure Shot Long Player

Amir Abdullah blesses Gilles Peterson with 60 minutes of proper jazz.

Can’t Get No Higher

Maxwell’s Ascension gets an elevated treatment from AYWY. Please let this bang a few times before your summer ends.

40s & Shorties

This installment is dedicated to our friend and frequent collaborator Jeremy Helton. In honor of his 40th birthday, we have cooked up a soulful throwback treat for the 80’s babies. Mixed by 3hreePeaceWing, this set is primed to bring back old childhood memories and as well as make new adult ones. So come celebrate with us and party like its your birthday too. #retrospectyourself

Illustration by creativejon82

1 - Growing Pains Theme
2 - Dance to the Music, Sly & The Family Stone
3 - Control (People Go Where We Send You), The JB’s
4 - Word Up (SD MIX), Willis
5 - Ease On Down The Road #2, Diana Ross Michael Jackson & Nipsey Russell
6 - Three’s Company Theme
7 - Rock Steady, The Whispers
8 - I Feel For You, Prince
9 - I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On, Cherelle
10 - Just Chillin’ Out, Bernard Wright
11 - Track Unknown
12 - Diff’rent Strokes Interlude, (SD) 
13 - Southern Girl, Maze feat. Frankie Beverly
14 - 227 Theme
15 - Do Leme Ao Pontal, Tim Maia
16 - Catwoman Interlude, (SD)
17 - Frisky, Sly & The Family Stone
18 - Soul Train Outro